Friday, May 29, 2009

Lawyer prepares model constitution


May 22, 2009

A legal veteran and constitution expert Dr Bipin Adhikari has released a draft of the new constitution of Nepal on Thursday.

National Human Rights Commission chairman and former chief justice Kedar Nath Upadhyay released the ‘model constitution of Nepal’ amid a function participated by CA members, politicians, lawyers, political analysts and sociologists in Kathmandu.

The model statute with 26 chapters and 297 articles lays out a framework for a multiethnic, multilingual, multi-cultural and democratic society. It has provisions to empower deprived and marginalized communities and places political initiative in the hands of citizens.

It proposes for a parliamentary system at the centre and a presidential system at the provincial level.

The draft is aimed at stimulating public discussion on the core issues of the future constitution and assisting the CA to draft a new constitution within the stipulated time.

Addressing the function, Dr Adhikari said it would be difficult to ensure genuine public participation without an expert’s draft on the table. “Abstract debates without any clear cut drafts cannot stimulate discussions as necessary. It will not guarantee the making of a good constitution”, Dr. Adhikari said. May 22 09

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